What is WATSU®?Freeing the Body in Water

How do I go about receiving a treatment?

My name is Richard White. My wife Diane and I have Highest Intentions Therapeutic Massage Center here in Kerrville.

After intensive studies at the WATSU® Center School of Shiatsu and Massage with Harold Dull the founder and developer of WATSU®, I am now a WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodyworker Association) Certified WATSU® Provider for the Kerrville area.

WATSU® is a form of shiatsu massage that is done in bathing suits and takes place in 4-5 feet of warm water. So, a healthy respect for but certainly not an extreme fear of water would be a necessary prerequisite.

For more information, or to go about scheduling an appointment here with us, please call Highest Intentions: 830.895.5577. The WATSU® sessions last anywhere from 1 to 1½ hours and start at $90 per session.

Or, for those of you with pools who would like me to come to you, please note: the ideal water temperature for WATSU® is between 95 and 97 degrees F. A variable one way trip charge (usually not more than $25.00) will be added to the regular session price.

What is WATSU®?Freeing the Body in Water


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