Our Highest Intention

We clearly see and fully realize that no wealth, position or apparent happiness will long endure unless built upon love, truth, and justice; therefore, we engage in no transaction nor any interaction which does not benefit, uplift and encourage all whom it affects. We succeed by attracting to ourselves those forces of goodness we wish to use and the cooperation of other people. We induce others to serve us because of our willingness to serve others. We eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism by developing love and compassion for all and everything, because we know that a negative attitude toward any one or anything can never, will never continue our success. We cause others to believe in us because we believe in others and in ourselves. We have signed our names to this formula, have committed it to memory, and repeat it aloud at least once each day, in full FAITH that it influences our THOUGHTS and most certainly our ACTIONS, allowing us to say with complete conviction, utmost certainty, sincerity and integrity that we are all, regardless of any outward appearances that may suggest otherwise, in every way truly rich, truly blessed, truly abundant, and truly loved beyond our wildest dreams. YES!

Richard H. White
m Diane H. White
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What Is Qigong?
1) Gathering and circulating internal energy with graceful movements.
2) Using a multitude of breathing techniques to absorb Qi.
3) Intelligent use of medicinal plants and Qi- Rich Foods.
4) Massage and Acupressure practices for stimulating the energetic meridians.
5) Arranging environment to be in harmony with the natural flow of energy.
6) Doing good deeds (without telling others) to obtain “righteous” Qi.