Esalen/Swedish • Acupressure • Deep Tissue • Cranio Sacral
Shiatsu • Myofascial Release • Pregnancy Massage • Jin Shin
Reiki • Moxibustion • Migun Therapy • Reflexology • Aroma Therapy

Therapeutic benefits of massage include

• Stress Reduction and Relaxation
• Physical and Mental Well-being
• Increased Energy and Vitality
• Headache and Pain Relief

We offer day, evening and weekend appointments.
Please call us for more information an
d scheduling.

Gift certificates are available
Visa and MasterCard accepted

We make house calls too!

We are both registered, master practitioners in the state of Texas and together we've worked in the healing arts world-wide for over 25 years.

Between the two of us, we offer a wide variety of therapies that range from gentle relaxation to energy balancing to deep tissue.

We take great pride in the safe and soothing environment that we have created especially for you.

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The massage rooms are spacious with just the right
blend of music and aromatic oils to enhance the
overall therapeutic effect.

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What Is Qigong?
1) Gathering and circulating internal energy with graceful movements.
2) Using a multitude of breathing techniques to absorb Qi.
3) Intelligent use of medicinal plants and Qi- Rich Foods.
4) Massage and Acupressure practices for stimulating the energetic meridians.
5) Arranging environment to be in harmony with the natural flow of energy.
6) Doing good deeds (without telling others) to obtain “righteous” Qi.