Master Richard White
6th Degree

Master White is the Director & Chief Instructor for Highest Intentions Tae Kwon Do. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise science, an Associate degree in Japanese language and arts, is a professional athletic trainer and has been both a student and instructor of the martial arts both at home and abroad since 1978.

Grand Master Sin II Choi
9th Degree

A partial list of martial art credits includes:

1984- Unified Tae Kwon Do President
1981- American Korean Tae Kwon Do President
1978- International Tae Kwon Do Referee
1976- Voted Most Valuable Instructor in U.S.
1967- Green Beret Instructor, South Vietnam
1966- Demonstration Team Member, South Vietnam
1965- General's personal body guard, South Korea
1963-1964 - United States Air Force Instructor, South Korea
1961-1963 - Tang Soo-do Moo Duk-Kwan instructor, South Korea

"Considered by many to be the only method of self-defense and sport or play, the Art of Tae Kwon Do, when practiced correctly, transcends these values and becomes an art that strives to balance both the mind and the body as well as the spirit."

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