Master Richard White is a 6th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt and is the Chief Instructor of Highest Intentions Tae Kwon Do in central Texas.

Grand Master Sin II Choi Master White’s instructor - He is a 9th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt.

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Martial Arts provide great benefits for students of all ages, including:

• Mental and Physical Fitness

• Self-defense / Self-confidence

• Self-discipline / Self-esteem

The Tae Kwon Do facilities are state of the art with a new 2,000 square foot floor and closed circuit television.

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What Is Qigong?
1) Gathering and circulating internal energy with graceful movements.
2) Using a multitude of breathing techniques to absorb Qi.
3) Intelligent use of medicinal plants and Qi- Rich Foods.
4) Massage and Acupressure practices for stimulating the energetic meridians.
5) Arranging environment to be in harmony with the natural flow of energy.
6) Doing good deeds (without telling others) to obtain “righteous” Qi.